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Africatown Plaza brings affordable housing to the heart of the Central District

One, two, and three-bedroom apartments and studios at below-market rents for income-qualified applicants.

“The Central District's story is evolving from one of gentrification, loss, and displacement to one of community imagination and determination.”

In the heart of Seattle's Central District, a renaissance is taking place. Africatown Plaza is rising out of the ground as a symbol of resurgence in this historically Black community, challenging years of displacement and disenfranchisement. A collaborative effort between Africatown Community Land Trust and Community Roots Housing, the Plaza will create 126 affordable homes meant to welcome community members back into the African diaspora's historic home in Seattle. 

Africatown Plaza exemplifies redevelopment that respects and preserves cultural identity. It promotes sustainable growth and inclusivity, setting a standard for how cities can revitalize historically marginalized neighborhoods. This approach ensures that progress enriches, rather than erases, the unique history and culture of these communities. Hear more from the project team that made the Plaza possible by watching the video above. Video produced by Converge Media. 

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